Cardinals in the Spring










The last seven pictures are of a pair of Cardinals that nested on the slope of the riverbank in our apartment building’s backyard in the Spring of 2016. I named them Honey and Oliver, as I witnessed their entire nest-making efforts, then waited for Honey to lay eggs.

The last picture is Honey caring for three eggs she laid. However, the location of the nest was so low to the ground that a riverbank cat kept pestering Honey as she nested. Eventually, sadly, the Cardinal pair had to abandon the unhatched eggs because of the cat’s daily menacing. Oliver fought hard to chase away the menace, but the cat was too persistent and too dangerous for the Cardinals to ignore, or to fight off.

A flapping roll of thick plastic can be seen behind Honey where she rests in her nest. She worked endlessly to get that plastic laid into the bottom of her nest to water-proof the branches and leaves. It was amazing to watch!

One of the above pictures also shows Honey standing on the sidewalk with a piece of plastic in her beak. Oliver’s duty was to be perched close by and bring Honey bits of food, all of which he did faithfully.

The first pictures are of a new Cardinal pair I spotted this Spring. As of this writing, though, I’ve seen no indication that they have nested anywhere on the riverbank, or in its numerous trees.


See more of Honey and Olivier’s nesting adventures at:


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