Eagles Overhead in My Area

Crossing our backyard August, 2017

Eagles Day 2 In A Row 010

I don’t have professional camera equipment, and I’m not a pro photographer, but I do some pretty pictures and some others might be called “very good”, perhaps. I find, at any rate, that photography offers “the thrill of victory” when an image is captured at the level of “oh, that’s nice”! Even though my passion is writing, photography has become an extra satisfaction in my small way of life.

The ABOVE and following three photos of an adult Eagle were taken overhead at the Maumee River bridge adjacent to our apartment building’s backyard.

Eagles Day 2 In A Row 007



Eagles Day 2 In A Row 008

The Juvenile Eagle photos below were taken over the backyard.



The next Juvenile Eagles were spotted and captured at Grand Rapids, Ohio.


Snapping birds overhead without benefit of a steadying tripod is a challenge. However, I don’t know how I would have pointed a camera attached to a tripod straight up!







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