Total Eclipse of the Sun and The Heart

The Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, was one of the most awesome sights of Nature I’ve seen in my 71-year lifetime!!

Since we in Ohio were under some pesky cloud cover most of the day, I decided to watch the entire crossing of the Eclipse moving over the United States on TV via The Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel had its entire regular team stationed across the country at key locations to view the Eclipse. The first pictures below came from Oregon, where Stephanie Abrams described the event with tears in her eyes and her voice shaking with the sheer emotion of the phenomenal moments:


All the country’s time zones came into play as the Eclipse was viewed and broadcast by The Weather Channel.

BELOW are TV screen photos from Wyoming, Illinois, and South Carolina, respectively:




And this final snap (BELOW) was taken from the ship “Oasis of the Seas” in the Atlantic Ocean and broadcast live:


The photo (BELOW) is of the famous “diamond ring” effect produced by a Total Solar Eclipse just as the Moon began to once again reveal the light of the Sun on its right and before all the colors burst forth. It was taken by photographer Mike Leonard and shown on screen as The Weather Channel continued its all-day coverage of the Eclipse event.


My review of the entire event: “Wow!!!!!!!”



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